Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lost in a Good Book

Yes I am still around, and actually still knitting. lots of small things, which I hope to photo soon. Lots of charity/baby knitting as I really need to catch up on that. Definitely have a pair of socks on the needles, but that goes without saying and am at sewing up point of my new sweater, pictures once done. and a whole lot of dying. Kool-aide, Rit, Wilton's Cake Decorating, Jacquard, and Procion. Yup lot of experimenting. Even got carried away and dyed my own hair, kids were saying, "Mom, please don't dye it "tealicious" or "bubblegum pink."" These were my 2 favorite dying concoctions from above experiments.

Yes have been bitten by the Harry Potter bug, that book is taking me forever, maybe because I am knitting when I should be reading, and vice versa. Still haven't learned what are the deadly hallows?

Off to see the movie tomorrow but in 3-D on IMAX.

Also this week, one of all time favorite authors was in Boston, MA. for a book signing -over from Wales. Second time I've seen him....signed my copy of his newest release: Thursday Next, First Among the Sequels. My favorite book, also by him, is Lost In a Good Book.

Maybe I could write one, I'd call it, Lost With a Skein and Two Pointy Sticks..............