Sunday, November 9, 2008

Are Your Stitches Happy?

It's Sunday and I spent day no. 2 at the restored Slater Mill and brought
my camera and got a few mill photos....

Today's class with Annie was all about how to knit today's
hat must therefore be a lace hat...naturally

I made this hat for one of my very special pediatric patients...
and of course each of them are all special....and many of them
are getting custom made hats from me.

Let's back up, I am a pediatric nurse...I take care of mostly preemies
in their homes...children that require RN care. Most have more than just
oxygen, and some are even on ventilators...enough said...this hat was made
specially for an adorable little girl patient of mine who needed something
warm but not too heavy (for indoor use) that framed her face in an
exact way....
This pattern is called the:
"Garter Lace Diamond" Baby Bonnet by Knittin Kiti

I used size 6 needles and only a fraction of some oh so very soft pink yarn
which I bought just for this pattern....pattern calls for worsted weight yarn,
but I instead used Softee Baby Solid Yarn Baby Pink Marl. It comes in skeins of
455 yards each and is actually a dk weight acrylic yarn. I only used about
2 oz. for this pattern.

The stitch pattern looks complicated for some but works up very quickly.
The pattern is free and can be located at the following link:

Now back to the Heretic...aka Annie Modesitt

If you are lucky enough to take a class in the future, be prepared to have
your knitting world shook up, actually turned upside down.
After yesterday's class, I was wondering how she could top herself with
today's class...I am not new to lace, but very open to any new ways of
doing things...I could write a five page blog on just these two Annie
classes alone...Let's just leave it with:

1. One of Annie's major mottos. ~Your stitches must always be happy.
2. That Red Carpet emmy gown she knit her friend is incredible. see blog.
3. I am so going to knit one of Annie's patterns right away.
4. There are 16 different ways to make a knit stitch.
5. If your stitch is on the needle backwards (leaning wrong direction),
knit into back of it if neccessary, don't force the stitch...see #1
6. Offering prayers and best wishes for Annie's family as they struggle
through the difficult times of husband's diagnosis of M.M., see blog.
7. Annie especially likes Oreos.
8. Annie is a huge movie buff and does excellent
Katherine Hepburn impressions.
9. When doing a right or left decrease, the direction the knitting needle
points,is the decrease you need to do
10. If you have the opportunity ever to meet her, she is a do not miss.

Of course Annie's Website is at:
and her blog can be found here: