Thursday, August 30, 2007

Felted bags and such

Off on a trip to Williamsport, PA, so need to get a post in for the week. Still knitting
away at Charity hats, and have finished 2 more. Photos on my return... but posting my
2 felted bags. the Silver sparkles on the purple bag is a silver yarn knitted along with wool of
course so it will felt. The teal green bag has bamboo type handles. Bag is not yet decorated...

Friday, August 24, 2007

HATS R knitting

News, news, news..............I am finally on Ravelry, and is it worth the wait.
If you are not on the list/bus get on it.
By the way, those of you on Ravelry, I am of course Sheepish1

Can't you see how excited I am, I can't stop jumping up and down...........Yeehah............

anyway what's new, lots...........but will just post a few photos, as that is enough for one reader.

Knitting for Charity mostly, and as my favorite thing to knit is hats, that is what it's all about.

First hat is made with Paton's pink yarn, knitted loosely, pattern is a freebie, anyone interested, just email me....I'll send you the site I got it from. I am not that good at computer's yet, i.e. how to paste on the forwarding site. anyone reading this, feel free to let me know how to do that.............
anyway, their pattern for the hat is just knit, then felted....I added some embellishments of my own.
this is my favorite hat to date.

Hat #2 is from Creature Comforts by Amy Bahrt
I used Plymouth Encore yarn for this and the next couple.
The pink hat with flower was actually cream, dyed pink after being knit,
then I picked up the stitches
again after the yarn was dried and finished up the top.

Hat #3, I think is a Magknits pattern, but if interested will double check that.

Hat #4 is also from same book as the little car hat above. It's actually the cover
photo. It's funny shape is due to the fact it's still being blocked.
I usually wash them all when done and block them on a stryrofoam ball, as no
child has offered up wearing a wet hat till dry, and the ball actually gives the hats a really
nice shape.

Hat #5 not pictured, is still not embellished, so looks rather plainish. Not sure if
that's English....
Hat #6 Pending, as on the needles, may be the new favorite.
Am still working on the knitted quilt, photos when further along.
and completely addicted to Podcasts and Ravelry of course.....

Friday, August 17, 2007

Back from yet another brief vacation

What's New...

still charity knitting.

FINISHED book #7, read it very slowly to enjoy as it is the last one. So good.

And most exciting of all...I am almost there on Ravelry.

I am #9188 and there are actually only 72 people left to go still in front of me.

AMAZINGLY, there are 16,917 people now still waiting behind me. I can't wait........

As for the short row socks, I turned the heel, this is a horrible picture, but a quick scan just to show you yes I figured it out. they are taking forever as they are on ZERO needles, but I heard there are actually Triple zero needles out there. YIKES.

Meanwhile, back at the knitting ranch, so to speak, I have gone off the beaten path yet again. the apple is crocheted. oops...sorry fellow knitters, I took a walk on the wild side, but then I crocheted long before I knitted, so I guess I'm going back to my roots....

the other project, is actually quite large, and when finished, I will film with a camera and not quick squish it into my scanner, as I do for fast photos....I am trying for a knitted basket in basket stitch of course....pattern does not exist, when finished I can print the pattern for anyone wanting it, as I have written it as I go.....there will be an I-Cord basket handle, not attached yet as basket is still being knitted. and of course the green apples fit into the basket. There are mucho lots of parts to this project. hope to show a few each week. So be sure and stay tuned to see what crazy things I am knitting yet for this project.............................

Friday, August 10, 2007

Vacation Knitting

Back again, from yet another brief vacation, but as did not take the camera, have no lake photos. "Tic Toc" (one of our 3 cats), stayed behind and I am sure missed us a lot. Worked mostly on my charity knitting and of course -NO Photos at least any of the charity of yet....However...

now am finished with Socks #3 (the third pair I have made), Knit with a gorgeous yarn with silver sparkles throughout. If anyone wants to know the maker, I will check it and list it later on. these are knitted cuff to toe. Very comfy.............

My fourth pair of socks is still on needles as can be seen in photo. also top down. this pattern and yarn is from HELLO YARN....the color is actually almost yummy............

there is a picot edge. not easy at least for me...for newbies it is a bit tricky. I put them on at this point for quick photo. and now I am at the wrapped short row heel part. I have never done the wrapped stitch. not sure if I can figure this one out, found an online tutorial. but anyone that has done it successfully, feel free to send me any help suggestions.

Fall is coming at least in the store window fronts and occasional cool have to start knitting fall things is my knitted pumpkin pin with needle felted crow and felted stem & leaf. Crow has wire legs and pumpkin has wire vine, plus bead on crows eye. Has a pin back.