Saturday, December 22, 2007

"...Twas the Night Before Christmas When All Through The House Not a Creature Was Stirring Not Even A Mouse...."

However, actually the mouse was kind of... sort of
stirring, or at least you could clearly hear
the click click of knitting needles...and what...
you mean you yourself aren't right now still frantically
finishing up
last minute knitting gifts for family and
friends right this minute as you are reading this blog....
well mouse and I are at it. maybe it's just me,
but I've never frogged my knitting so much
as I have these last two weeks, am I alone on this one...?

Knitting Notes: this particular mouse pattern is by
Alan Dart from Woman's Weekly Magazine sold only in Great Britain,
October 06 issue. He and his fellow mouse friends
are an addition to the Dickinson Mice that are available
as a brochure, which can be found more easily. Background
is the florist shop, shown in earlier blogs, now decorated
for Christmas, and yes as it has snowed for real in my neck
of the woods...then of course, it has also snowed at my florist
shop as well, I did leave them a very tiny (to scale) shovel,
which I hope the miniature people take a hint, as it is piling up.
as for what's on my needles, since it's xmas gifts,
I can't post them here,
silly... as people would not be surprised...
and as for what's on the mouse's needles, he claims
it is something for me, however, not sure if that will ever fit...