Friday, February 29, 2008

Recapping February's Yarny Adventures

My New Year's Resolution continues that I made
back at the beginning of the year...
~At least one new yarn adventure monthly
till the end of the year.
February was a yarn crawl month
to neighboring states to check out new yarn stores...
Last week, I found a lovely discount store in Rhode Island,
and today I was off to New Hampshire to visit Nashua and Ewe'll Love It

Lots of cute little store signs, both out front
and inside the building directing knitters down
the hallway to the shop

And finally just one quick shot of part of the store:

Not sure what my favorite thing was...
this was a very spatious store, with absolutely no crowding anywhere...
There were lovely couches to sit on,
and a knitting group was actually going on while I was there,
and there was so much room, I could easily walk around pat yarn,
and sit and look at their many books...
There are a few books I just can't find in either
the large book stores in our area or any of the local yarn stores,
and have just decided to order them online,
until I came into this store, and there they were
right on the shelf...amazing.
They have a lovely selection of Rowan,
as well as all the popular mags, but also Cast On and Rebecca (past issues too)...they seem to have a lot of overseas books especially.
The yarn selection was huge, and I really needed more time,
they also have a loft upstairs with marked down yarn some of which
I just can't believe has been discounted.
I can't resist pretty unusual needles or new gadgets,
both of which they had also picked up
a few trinkets I had never seen before...
Oh and must mention, staff very pleasant and eager to assist..
this is a definite return visit.....!
Now part II got a swift for Christmas...lovely gift and still
in its box, as don't have a clue what to do with it.
saw a lady winding a skein with swift and ball winder today...
however don't own a ball spent better part of the night
with help from my wonderful (nonknitting) husband with the mechanics
of the project and made my own ball winder and thread feeder thingy.
Not sure if the photos will help... It's mostly K'nex, some Lego's,
and a toy motor, so it's motorized...and works quite well...will need
a little tweeking...but it works! Hooray!