Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blueberry Picking Time Socks

Hi, it's been such a long time since my last blogging...
and so many things to share...between me working almost
every day, and the weather being mostly overcast or rainy
(so no photos)'s hard to share all my new knitting...
I have to admit I love, love, love the 52 Pair Plunge challenge...
it is a little nutty knitting so many socks...
but the way I approached it, has made ALL the difference!
I am trying hard to make new patterns, and have a huge list of
techniques I hope to accomplish before I reach either my 52nd
pair or the time I finally call it quits and raise my little white
flag (knitted of course).
My knitting want list for socks is to knit first ever toe-ups,
socks on circulars, two at a time socks,
cable socks, lace socks, round toes, other toes, assorted
heels, my own original sock pattern, and as many cast-on's and off's
I can come up with.
And so far....I am thrilled....the very best part is I now just pick
a skein of yarn from my STASH, and go to Ravelry and see which socks are
possible...and once the sock is finished...the new rule is to use up
every last scrap of that yarn before going to the next sock...
So another great feature of this challenge is that I have turned it
into an AWESOME STASH BUSTER as well....
photos as soon as rain stops of things to do with leftover sock yarn...
But for starters...I have started the Babette Blanket, a Crochet project,
and also a braided rug (GREAT for sock yarn), another crochet
well as baby socks and baby hats. (all to charity of course)
Today's sock...since it's blue scrap yarn, which is blueberry colored, and it's
now July and Blueberry picking time here in Massachusetts...I did as my first
ever toe-up sock...yee haw! this is my second attempt and it WORKED!
when I got to the leg of sock, I thought I can knit whatever I I did
a bobble blueberry motif with leaves and named it the Blueberry picking time socks.
I did a lace cast off, as they were my first toe-ups and really did not have
a clue as to how people go about casting off for these.
No good photos usual squish the finished product
into my scanner and hope for the best.
If tomorrow is sunny...will photo sock and other 4 pairs and my finished
sweater tribute to Brenda Dayne.