Thursday, November 13, 2008

Moi Pooch Wears A Beret

Hello, it's 10:45pm and I am finally home from my if you thought
yesterday was a short post, this will have to be shorter...
I plan to stay home one of these days and post properly.

Today's hat was tonight's hat...I had just made a hat for a special
friend. I saw her in my cooking group I attended tonight and was able
to present it to her. I think this is my favorite type of knitting of all now,
where I make a gift for a special specific person and try to create something
unique for them.
This is again another one of my wishes hats where I wish into my knitting for all things healthy and happy and things to go well for the person that the
hat is intended for.

This jaunty little number is called the
Super-simple fast
and easy chunky hand-knit beret!
by none other than
Crazy Aunt Purl (Laurie Perry) and the free pattern
can be found here:

I included three photos, top view, person wearing hat but showing back of head,
as said person did not want to be photographed, but agreed to back of head shot,
and my favorite shot, moi pooch, my ShiPoo dog modeling hat....he is a cross
between shitzu and peek-a-poo, only a medium sized doggie. Oh and his name
is's a tail thing again...most of my pets over the years have been named
because of their tail action. yup strange...but then the man that I married
had a beagle as a child named Tippy, which also was a tail thing...go figure.
Just means we are well suited for one another.
I used exactly one skein of fall shades colored yarn Patons Shetland Chunky
for this hat, which is a bulky yarn.

The blog of the day, one which I peek in on from time to time is:
There are some strange things going on over at that blog, pretty much all of
the time...but loads of interesting ideas...had never heard of a bacon shawl
perhaps it's to wear to brunches...but there is always something fun going on.
As I have 3 cookie swaps this year, I particularly like their posting on how
to create your very own cookie cutters...take a peek, some interesting things,
more crafty, not just knitting things.