Thursday, September 6, 2007

Even more charity hats....

still knitting...of course...trying to complete my hat collection to donate to charity
for this October...have a nice stash going at this point... the white hat, appeared
as cream in the photo when I tried to get a nice close up, it's a standard roll brim
hat pattern that I just added some flowers and tiny pearl beads to accent.

The multistripe hat, is actually not baby, but child size and is from
Ravelry, love that site, was on the "Hats, hats, hats" group as a freebie
pattern, not sure if you can access it, if you are not yet on Ravelry.

The burgundy and gold hat is of course one of the House Hat patterns, came out rather large, but hopefully a nice gift for a boy. added the emblem for this house...Gryffindor.

Not sure if I will knit anymore hats now, as fall is approaching and anxious to knit cold weather projects, actually now working on I hear my needles calling to me, I will cut this short, unable to knit and type, unless I train my toes..............