Sunday, July 13, 2008

WWKIP Belated Update

I hope most people got out to knit in public back on
JUNE 14. There were 13 locations in my state alone of
Massachusetts...It's an annual event and so much fun.
I brought 2 girlfriends with me and we chose a spot
closer to our house in Bellingham, Mass....
we were a small gathering, but
I knew no one there and met some really lovely people
and made some great new knitting friends...
The weather was perfect and we were located on a town
green complete with bandstand with nearby (across the
street) coffee shop and bathroom.

The whole event was put on by a wonderful "LLL" from Ravelry
"Lovely, lively, lady" who brought a tent all decorated with knitting
items to help attract potential knitters over to our spot.

Thanks Mimi for all your organization of a great event...we'll be
back next year!

52 Pair Plunge Sock Update...
knitting fast and furious...finished Campfire Socks by Cider Moon. Absolutely
loved this pattern...

Had leftover yarn so made a little boy's hat. Used a
brand new cast on for this hat...The Stretchy cast on done with a crochet hook
and knitting needle, perfect for kid's projects that require lasting stretching.
see Utube for how to do this by explains it perfectly!
Had leftover yarn still, so made a pompom using all the colors that were in
the socks for the pompom for hat. Another great charity project.

and of course had more yarn started a rug on the style of
braided rugs, but using soft cording I bought at a local upholstery department
and a crochet hook. Since the sock yarn is lighter weight...I crocheted it
double stranded. Plan to keep adding to my rug as I finish up sock pairs...
and so far I am using up each skein to the very end with no leftover thanks to
all these cool side projects that use just the scraps.

The coiled rug pattern can be found in Knit Simple Magazine Spring/Summer 2008 issue.
The cute baby hat is from
The Pom Pom how to is from