Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Monday Night
SnB Knitting Group at Starbuck's

Animations - come in

My new virtual reality knitting group at Starbuck's of course.
Where else, would I host this.
As in other online SnB groups, this group has already been
joined by other miniature members from Ravelry...
known to show up
with miniature chocolate chip cookies even.
New Members always welcome...and yes we do like cookies.
Stay tuned as new mini members will be joining
in the future.
Please no one over 7 tall can come...Starbuck's mini
building code regulations....7 inches that is.....

Cupid update:
Finally found the right type of yellow yarn for his hair...and it's called Heaven...can you believe it. that's gotta work!
Photos coming soon.