Monday, November 10, 2008

What Kind of Yarn Are You?

In all the excitement of my weekend classes, I believe I forgot blog of the day yesterday and there are so many, many inspiring blogs out there....this is one
I've personally been haunting recently as I am now completely obsessed with fair isle. Kathleen Taylor's Dakota Dreams blog...I first ran into Kathleen's
knitting on Ravelry and am blown away with her designs. She also is blogging daily, so perhaps is participating in NaBloPoMo also. Her blog can be found at:

Hat of the day (before this gets too past Halloween) is the following hat I knit
for another one of my special little children I take care of...the whole child
wearing the hat is really, really sweet and he is all dressed up in matching
outfit, but as this is my only photo, and need to protect identity, will sadly
have to show mostly just the hat.

This is my go to baby hat pattern for all of my preemie hats and will show up
from time to time in my many hats, with a revised version by me of same
original hat...
They fit all my babies beautifully and it's a well-written, simple to knit
This pattern is called the Sweet and Simple Baby Hat by Debbie Bodmer.

Take the What kind of yarn are you? quiz. Created by bisybackson on 05/07/2008

1. What is your favorite season?

Who cares what season it is?
My world is climate controlled.

2. If you could only choose one, which type of pet would you own?

I have terrible allergies that prevent me from having pets.
I abhor pets, too dirty!

3. Your perfect day would feature:

A roaring fire, hot tea, and a cozy blanket.
A raging party, a hot hook-up, and a cozy cocktail.
A long walk by the shore.
A hard day's work in the kitchen.
A shopping spree on 5th Avenue.
A brisk walk through the countryside.
A long snuggle with my honey.
Whatever you want to do!

4. How would you cheer up a friend in her time of need?

Buy her a fabulous gift, diamonds are a girl's best friend you know!
Take her out on the town, I can get in anywhere!
Cook her a delicious meal, chicken soup soothes the soul.
Ask her what she wants me to do for her, I aim to please!
Listen to her problems, maybe just talking will help.
Do I look like a shrink? I can't stand needy people.
Take her to the beach, that always cheers me up!
Take her to a movie, that'll get her mind off things.

5. What is your favorite Christian Slater movie?

Gleaming the Cube
Pump Up the Volume
Untamed Heart
Bed of Roses
Christian Slater is a no-talent hack.
I love all Christian Slater movies so much, I can't pick just one.
Who is Christian Slater?

6. Pick a motto:

All's well that ends well.
Anything worth doing is worth doing well.
What up, Yo?!
Can't you see I'm busy?
Just do it.
I didn't do it!
Money solves all ills.
Can't we all just get along?

7. Which apple dessert would you choose?

Apple pie
Apple crumb cheesecake
Caramel apple
Apple flambe
Apple-flavored sour candy.
Depends, how many carbs are there in an apple?
I'll just have whatever you're having.
Ick, I hate apples.

8. Which of these topics are you most likely to discuss?

What hot new clubs we are going to hit tonight!
How to roast a chicken.
How the world is going to hell in a handbasket.
The basketball standings.
How I am never wrong. Oh, and world peace.
My super-duper kids/grandkids!
Stories about my volunteer work with stray animals.
My new Jimmy Choos.

9. Ideally, where would you live?

NYC, is there anywhere else that matters?
L.A., I'm going to be the next big thing!
The Hamptons or Martha's Vineyard in the summer, my villa on my own tropical island in the winter.
Montana, where there are still wide open spaces.
I dunno, Omaha maybe?
The Florida Keys, twelve months of summer, baby!
The Carolinas, its so picturesque!
San Francisco, I like that scene.

Okay the questions were kind of bizarre in spots...but oh so lighthearted and
quirky fun...go to site below and plug in answers and have fun!

~Type in above address or copy and paste and put in your browser to see
what kind of yarn you are and be sure and share if you want when done...I think
I turned out being a cotton yarn...Yikes...was at least going for angora!