Friday, March 21, 2008

"Say cheese" for the camera and Flower Show #2 (BOSTON)

More photos than I can post,
and lots of new yarny adventures
to share as well, so will spread them out
over a few days, or would be just too many photos
to take in....

B e e n k n i t t i n g ,

s e w i n g , crocheting, needle felting,
yarn dying, bead making, jewelery making...
and just started rug hooking...
so lots of varied things to share...

Work continues on my d'oeuvre plate project...
& was able to come up with a fairly good
knitted, felted swiss cheese which goes pretty well wrapped
and skewered with knitted felted olive.

Then I made some felted beads from wool roving,
which I did as a needle felting project,
not a soap and water version of beading,
made project into a necklace, was going to use chain,
but had some fine silver thread like yarn
(believe it was Berroco)in stash,
so just incorporated that into the project...
made several beads, so used two of tiny ones
for matching earrings, however photo each time
was still blurry...but you get the idea.

Final note for this blog entry...went to Boston Flower Show
The theme this year was Rhapsody in Green so will post a few
of my favorite pics here: the first two were artistic expression category

Just gotta love it, still cold outside,
even a few patches of snow left...
ground is bare otherwise and these lovely smells
and all the beautiful colors of the flower show.
~ can't wait for Spring!