Monday, March 31, 2008

Updating March... a month of yarny goodness

March is almost gone, and having so many yummy yarn
adventures that I am almost sad to see March go...
however April has many exciting things happening...
so as my kids would say...bring it on...
March's one new yarn shop visit was quite nice.
This time I got photos of my yarn purchased...

Love the pretty raspberry shade of the 100% wool
Bartlett yarn...also since I did not have my notes
when posting last post...they also carry...
among others....Aslan Trends, Kertzer, Sheep Shop Yarn,
Misty Alpaca, Gran mohair, Sirdar, Cleckheaten,
several brands by Plymouth haven't spotted before,
and lots of lovely mohair...wasn't looking for sock yarn,
but they seemed to even have that well as some
unusual knitting needles and a few knitting toys I
haven't seen before. Once again noted the prices
seemed more than reasonable to me, and even ran a
little less on some items than other stores.
One more shop visit for the month, which was really
a revisit, but haven't been there in quite a long time
was to Windsor Button (photo from their site online)
in Boston...located quite close to Boston Common...

They are still in the same old building as before, a bit run down,
but the yarn collection has grown enormously with some very
high end yarns there now...if you are looking for any kind of
craft book, that is probably not a place to miss...
they had everything...prices are fairly standard for
the yarn shops around the Boston area.

Also earlier this month attended a Knit-a-thon in our area...
Betty Christiansen of Knitting for Peace spoke...

Then Kristin Nicholas spoke to us and showed us
slides of her farm and talked about her colorful knitting,
current and future projects.

Up after this was Wren Ross of Changing Patterns:
Discovering the Pattern of your Creativity spoke
along with Andrea Price of Knitspeak.
Wren wore the most fantastic floor length knitted coat
which she knitted herself. ...Thank you to the posting
by Guido from It's a Purl can actually see
the exact coat Wren was wearing (as I forgot my camera that day)...
awesome huh!

There's quite a long story to go along with the coat
as to what all the symbols meant. She also sings, writes music,
and plays the guitar, all of which we were treated to,
she sang us a great song she wrote about knitting.
Andrea Price was another fabulous speaker,
and I would not miss either of these ladies if they
came to another function. Of course I snagged her new book,
which she autographed too. fits so nicely into my knitting bag,
as it's pocket sized, perfect for such a great resource tool.
All 4 women were available for questions and autographs.

Also this month, one of my knitting guilds had an author come...
Barbara Delinsky who wrote Family Tree, among many, many other books.

It was very relaxed, small group of women,
and we were able to ask her all sorts of questions
about writing and her own personal knitting projects...
what an interesting person. I really enjoyed this.
She also autographed books for people.

Well that probably is generous for one month...
but I also attended a knitter's breakfast
at a local fabric store, where Encore yarn presented a trunk show.
Did not win any raffles,
but came away with lots of lovely free things,
and even more ideas...Hooray! Yes March was really cool!

As for that guy in the fatigues without a head
from the last post...I feel like I've really lost
it this time in regards to strange knitting.
He is a revolutionary figure from Cuban named
Che Guevara and on Time Magazine's top 100 list.
He was actually a knitting request, and I thought
it would be a fun and different challenge...
anyway here are the photos...and because it's my way,
I did a couple of poses with him knitting,
which will certainly make him turn over in his grave...if he
could only see himself depicted that way!

...if only he didn't have to smoke that little cuban cigar
while knitting that expensive yarn!