Monday, January 28, 2008

Going Green

Well everyone's doing it...Going Green...
so here I am knitting green stuff.

or perhaps I am just getting ready for March...
since I really still haven't finished
all my holiday knitting...but then
there's another way to view it...
it's now 2008, and I've got eleven
whole months now to get it done...hooray!

Recently found this lovely new book at the library.
Knitter's (put on horse blinders through this part of blog entry)

And since after paying the overdue library charges...
I still wanted to make almost everything in the book,
I went off to Barnes and Noble and bought it
for my growing shelf.
The tiny green bag, I whipped up at the retreat..
Intriguing, as it's made with nylon cord...
and I am always looking for unusual items to knit
or crochet with...
I will say it's a little rough on the hands...
but then it was a tiny project.
I had expected it to come out even smaller,
it was supposed to be a keychain purse..but pleased....
would make a lovely brief case for
an American Girl size doll.
I plan to find a tiny zipper and
line it with a nifty contrast fabric
to use as a cute coin purse.
The quarter in photo is to show scale.

Please note: button close up...we are so lucky
to have such a gorgeous button supply store
in our area:
For anyone in Massachusetts or New England,
they are such a wonderful resource for lovely buttons,
and a great place to match a missing button
from an expensive jacket (been there done
that, at least a few times).

My other green item...I now have forgotten how I came across
this pattern, but so unusual, had to give it a try:
Knitted Celery...of course I could not resist this one:
see below for direct line to the pattern and the artist.

Four more days till February...
think I will be in a red knitting mood.