Sunday, August 3, 2008

CGOA & TKGA Conference

CGOA & TKGA Conferences,
Plus CGOA Chain Link Special Annual Events
July 25-27, 2008 (Fri., Sat., Sun)
PDD event is Wed. July 23
Education begins Thur. July 24
Radisson Hotel Manchester at
The Center of New Hampshire
Manchester, NH

Okay just back from 3 full days of classes in Manchester, NH
I joined the Crochet Guild of I hope to get my
master license for Crochet, as I don't have a prayer of getting
this in knitting. Crochet for me is easy and I can do pretty
much anything from pineapple doilies (can't spell it though), to
hairpin lace to 3-D stuff...Knitting is loads of fun, and a
tremendous challenge to me....yes I can knit and purl too...but
the scope of how far it goes is beyond me...
also by joining either guild, you get first dibs on signing up
for classes and discounts with your membership. (some of my
classes were completely sold out.)

Took loads of photos...wish I had brought my camera to all of my classes.
Took a class with Edie Eckman on Intarsia Without photos...
she is a sensational teacher and would not hesitate to take another
class from her...I do feel that I am ready to take on any Intarsia project
now, and actually would like one, just to practice my new skills.
next class was knitting with copper wire with Nancy Wiseman, and all I can
say is WOW....I finished my necklace all beaded...and need to get some
photos for a future posting...then I did a freeform all day workshop
and also a Creative Knittng Class with the famous Valentina Devine.
will try and post some additional info. on my next posting....
but wanted to get in some sites and sounds from the show on this one.

this was a back view of a lovely embroidered sweater...most of
my photos are backviews, as personally I hate my photo taken,
and that's why you never see
photos of me on my I always ask people if they mind
if I take a photo
of the back of their outfit. Sounds odd, but they never turn
me down that way.

a lovely beaded shawl. Click on photo or zoom in for a close up
and hopefully you can see the beads

Precious Pals a Charity project at the Market Place

There were lots of free classes at the Market Place....

a view down one row of the Market Place

needlefelting in the Market Place; sunflowers and making pumpkins.

OH and HABU from NYC was there in the oh yes,
I had to buy the
pineapple that had been made into yarn....

Have you tried knitting on size 50 needles, they are also megalong besides
being so wide.

Of course since there was going to be a Ravelry meetup there had to be
a Casey & Jess sighting...but no Bob...where was Bob?
Does he have a Bob sitter?

Now there's a great bag...just gotta get me one of those....

Lots of pins on the Ravelry table...I finally got mine!

Margaret Hubert, my oh so very wonderful teacher, is modeling her own jacket
of scrumbles...this was my favorite of all the ones she had brought...
she kind of had her eyes closed, so I hope she does not mind this photo...
but her jacket is absolutely stunning, or at least in my opinion.
I ran around the Market Place buying lucious yarn in purple hues,
just to try this one out myself at some future date.

Another sneak peak from the yummy scrumbles class...of course our focus was
on purses...could not help turning around in my seat to take a quick photo of
girl behind me & her classwork project...she was very new to this and could not even crochet...she had
a friend do her crochet homework, but look at this arrangement.

Off to SPINNING CLASSES on a Lendrum...went from sock obsession to my
new Ravelympics KAL

I am on the shawlrelay team...Knitter's start your needles
but not until August 8 with the opening ceremonies...What will be on the first shawl....the beloved...clapotis
made from Dream in Color Smooshy...have dreamed about it, and obsessed about
this yarn after reading about all the love it generates on Ravelry, and it was
at the market place at the convention...of course in purple hues. close up below as taken from Knitty site where this great pattern originated.

But this spinning thing...could have an effect on my current knitting/crochet
works. I've heard spinning is rather addictive, and there are only so many
crafting hours in a given day....
but then...sleep is so overrated!