Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cupid in time for February

Yet another new member to the Monday Night
Mini Knitting Group...
Cupid is finally finished....

Pattern is from Simply Knitting Magazine, a lovely mag.
from Britain, February 2008 issue.
Designed by Alan Dart
I did have a rather funky time getting the face right, his
cupid is almost babyish age, very angelic, and mine, well
I guess he is an older, more mature cupid.
On a side note, the hair is rather strange also. this yarn was the closest I could find to the discontinued yarn called for in the the name of the colourway was "HEAVEN" could I go wrong with that.
well it was cartainly NOT heavenly to knit with...but it's done now.

In the future when knitting doll's hair,
I think I will use the same hair as I did
on the Harry Potter puppet, an experiment,
but came out even better than I had hoped.

Photo 1. Cupid posing with other knitting group members, mouse and Shaun.
Photo 2. Cupid taking a break reading Simply Knitting Magazine and drinking Starbuck's...yes I do think Starbuck's is a heavenly coffee...

Tic Toc the cat and cupid

Crespo playing with cupid's bow

Three other Valentine's Day/Feb. items in my knitting bag & partially done...have finished the lace red heart scarf, just needs the crocheted edging and to be by next week.