Friday, October 26, 2007

Goodies from across the Pond and further than the Pond

Have to take the time to sneak in a midweek posting, as I have to thank my lovely friend over across the Pond in the UK for such a lovely package. Many people know how sheep obsessed I am, and you should see all the sheepish things she managed to put together and send me. I love everything. what a surprise! what a treat! thank you, thank you, thank you.

If you can't tell from the photos, there are adorable tiny sheep stitch markers, so sweet, yet another sheep photo, which I bet she took herself, and need to frame that, sorry for poor photo (of the photo), and a Shaun the Sheep comic book with special Shaun goodies on front. Wow!

Also wanted to share with everyone my latest selection of tea I got through Swapbot, which was sent to me from a fellow tea lover all the way from FINLAND. Wow.

Feeling guilty about not posting any knitting, so will pop up my new snowman from Alan Dart's newest pattern released November 2007 British magazine. Plan to knit some more. and Arianne, if you are reading this I did use that yarn you mailed me for the snowman, wow was that lucky.

Stay tuned, as I have just taken photos of all the goodies I bought at Rhinebeck, which I am anxious to post and let everyone see.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rhinebeck...the aftermath

isn't he a cutie...the one thing we could not bring
back were any live animals....sigh...

Our YARN SAFARI bus, Locomotion, photo of folks laden with goodies, returning to drop off and then return to rebuy yet more.

Entrance Gate to Rhinebeck, New York Sheep & Wool Festival 2007

Everywhere there were sheep, llama's and many rabbits:

some sheep were even predyed?? guess when you spin this wool there's
no need for further dying. Hmmm.

There were needle felted items everywhere..........
the wall mural was all hand felted - unbelievable

More random shots:

And finally a shot of the Highly Revered Fried Artichoke Stand, where the lines were as long as some of the most popular yarn booths all day.

Remember this is just a brief glimpse only of just one great day.
there were many other things to do and see, and I only had so much
disposable camera film and a whole lot of shopping
and yarn fondling to do. Afterall, a knitter has her priorties

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In which we find Bitty Boo gets a friend...........

Part I. In Which the "newly knitted" Bitty Boo gets lonely

Part II. A knitter spents much of a Monday holiday
in a car with yarn and needles and is not the driver

Part III. Oh and yes, if you have too much knitting
to do, too many projects begun...knit someone who can
help you....yes ghosts can learn to knit
Bitty Boo is quite content with his new friends
ghost who now knits like me, and if anyone
has seen a tiny crochet hook, he's up for
learning that next,

and his other new buddy,the invisible man.

Oh and yes, once again,
have started yet another new and strange project,
(pictures when further along)
however, it is a wearable this time.....for once........go figure.........

Last but not least...what's on my cat.
Thanks to Alan Dart's new pattern for the witch,
I just knitted the witches' hat only, in much
larger needles with heavier weight yarn in wool
to eventually felt it. however right now it
perfectly fits most toddler's heads and
more importantly, my cats...but much improved
with green haired wig, don't you think................

Yes, the expression says it all, "boy, would I really like to conjure up some spell on my owner for making me wear this get up."

Thursday, October 11, 2007

knitted still life portrait

It's time to post a new blog entry once again,
have the goods done, but no photos, so plan on
two posts this week, but here goes for today.

First up a still life framed portrait of sheep.
Yes it is knitted, felted, and framed. kind of a
primitive sheep portrait.

Fall has come to the florist shop.
Yes I am a business owner of a 1" to 1' scale
florist shop, so the only visitors
and shoppers are less than 6" high,
but fun to decorate for the holidays....

Come back in a day or 2, as lots of nifty knitting/crochet
has occurred, so as soon as I photo, will post on the blog.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oh yes, the leaves are falling and she is still obsessed with pumpkins

What's on the needles you ask...................
My "Fallish" bag is almost done,
here's a sneak peak:

and here's an update to my latest view
of my freeform knitting project

All finished is Bitty Boo from the new Mag Knits pattern
created by Misty Green
Boo is posing with black cat

and finally the continuing adventures of
what's on my cat... except I don't get
the expression on his face. Hmmm
do you think I need to get him some more cat toys?