Friday, October 26, 2007

Goodies from across the Pond and further than the Pond

Have to take the time to sneak in a midweek posting, as I have to thank my lovely friend over across the Pond in the UK for such a lovely package. Many people know how sheep obsessed I am, and you should see all the sheepish things she managed to put together and send me. I love everything. what a surprise! what a treat! thank you, thank you, thank you.

If you can't tell from the photos, there are adorable tiny sheep stitch markers, so sweet, yet another sheep photo, which I bet she took herself, and need to frame that, sorry for poor photo (of the photo), and a Shaun the Sheep comic book with special Shaun goodies on front. Wow!

Also wanted to share with everyone my latest selection of tea I got through Swapbot, which was sent to me from a fellow tea lover all the way from FINLAND. Wow.

Feeling guilty about not posting any knitting, so will pop up my new snowman from Alan Dart's newest pattern released November 2007 British magazine. Plan to knit some more. and Arianne, if you are reading this I did use that yarn you mailed me for the snowman, wow was that lucky.

Stay tuned, as I have just taken photos of all the goodies I bought at Rhinebeck, which I am anxious to post and let everyone see.


Arianne said...

I'm really glad you like them!

I did take the sheep photo myself and I had to climb an English mountain (ok, a really really big hill) to do it!!! :)


sheepish1 said...

I was so excited I photo'd and posted them before I realized it was also a card, and read it, then realized that you did actually photo the sheep, but not the part about the very steep, um mountain.., hill thingy...
yes loved all, but think I will just display sheep markers as ornaments, would never want to lose them. did you recognize snowman's yarn?