Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rhinebeck...the aftermath

isn't he a cutie...the one thing we could not bring
back were any live animals....sigh...

Our YARN SAFARI bus, Locomotion, photo of folks laden with goodies, returning to drop off and then return to rebuy yet more.

Entrance Gate to Rhinebeck, New York Sheep & Wool Festival 2007

Everywhere there were sheep, llama's and many rabbits:

some sheep were even predyed?? guess when you spin this wool there's
no need for further dying. Hmmm.

There were needle felted items everywhere..........
the wall mural was all hand felted - unbelievable

More random shots:

And finally a shot of the Highly Revered Fried Artichoke Stand, where the lines were as long as some of the most popular yarn booths all day.

Remember this is just a brief glimpse only of just one great day.
there were many other things to do and see, and I only had so much
disposable camera film and a whole lot of shopping
and yarn fondling to do. Afterall, a knitter has her priorties

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maro.hogan said...

Love the pictures. Some unbelievable stuff to see! I definitely want to go next year.