Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In which we find Bitty Boo gets a friend...........

Part I. In Which the "newly knitted" Bitty Boo gets lonely

Part II. A knitter spents much of a Monday holiday
in a car with yarn and needles and is not the driver

Part III. Oh and yes, if you have too much knitting
to do, too many projects begun...knit someone who can
help you....yes ghosts can learn to knit
Bitty Boo is quite content with his new friends
ghost who now knits like me, and if anyone
has seen a tiny crochet hook, he's up for
learning that next,

and his other new buddy,the invisible man.

Oh and yes, once again,
have started yet another new and strange project,
(pictures when further along)
however, it is a wearable this time.....for once........go figure.........

Last but not least...what's on my cat.
Thanks to Alan Dart's new pattern for the witch,
I just knitted the witches' hat only, in much
larger needles with heavier weight yarn in wool
to eventually felt it. however right now it
perfectly fits most toddler's heads and
more importantly, my cats...but much improved
with green haired wig, don't you think................

Yes, the expression says it all, "boy, would I really like to conjure up some spell on my owner for making me wear this get up."

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