Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Knitted Self-Portrait

The very first knitted item I ever sold was a hat. It's the pink felted
baby hat. I embroidered details after felting and added little flowers
and leaves. It's lined with a very soft pastel colored polkadot baby
flannel. This is one of my all time favorite finished knitted projects.
I remember bringing it to a guild meeting where a woman there asked me to
make an adult version and she would buy it.

Blog of the day is Color Joy! by Lynn H. of Lansing, Michigan
It is located at:
Loads of cool stuff can be found there...but don't forget to scroll down
and check out the gorgeous purple polymer clay button. Also be sure and
go to this link and check out her own self portrait..
KNITTED and then done all in duplicate
stitch. Simply amazing!

Tomorrow with any sunlight help for photo taking...I can finally post my very
first finished Jared Flood pattern aka Brooklyn Tweed!!!
Oh and of course...it's a hat...goes without saying!