Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to Joglessly Jog

Okay hurray it's finally done...and it was a sunny day and I was able
to take it's pic! Things went my way today in hat finishing/photo land!

Hat of day is by Jared Flood, called Turn a Square.
I actually made this hat twice, first time looked lovely but my jogs
were not quite jogless...however I had it figured out by decrease opted to pull out all my knitting back to very first
stripe and do it right throughout hat. Not too painful and a whole new
skill now in my pocket.

Jogging if you look at the the part where you make these lovely
stripes going around sides of hat...when you switch a color you basically
get this stair stepping, where one row of color is off from next...well they
invented a way...(knitter's are such clever thinking folks) to avoid this
jogging. so see further in post for details along with some good pictorials
on how to do this and note close up of hat...stripes look pretty behaved.
going around and around in the same line, it really works!
Yarn is Berroco Ultra Alpaca color 6205 and Noro Kereyon or Silk Garden,
not a 100% sure which as I tossed the label...silly me.

let's just say the alpaca is so soft and lovely...I may just knit
with alpaca from now on.

There are currently 886 projects on Ravelry as of today for this hat
pattern, and 61 pages of finished photos. Another more popular pattern.
By the way, this is a free pattern and can be found here:
if you are on Ravelry

or at his blog, follow link on bottom of page

I was thinking of making Jared of Brooklyn, New York aka Brooklyn Tweed
be the blog of the day...but that seemed like cheating...
so instead will choose another see later in posting.

Speaking of jogless jogs, the best explanation I found and there are many
online was by Meg Swanson (no surprise there). See note here and good pics:

I definitely plan to knit another Brooklyn Tweed pattern as love them all,
very well written and easy to follow. Being a process knitter, I find I learn
new skills with each of his patterns...I love the challenge!

Okay poking around in blogosphere again and thought wouldn't it be lovely
to find a blog based outside the US as many visitors to my blog are from
other countries. So I found the following out of Australia, Monster Knits
and think it's a keeper to regularly follow...very the gnome on the stocking, or at least think it's a stocking and also love those raspberry fingerless gloves. It does look a little bit like a shop's blog, but still
pretty interesting overall.