Monday, January 21, 2008

Knitter's Retreat Weekend in Rhode Island

Hi...I'm back and starving....
I have been away for a long weekend
with some of my knitting guild members
to a knitter's retreat...
pretty much all you do is knit, eat, knit,
some sleep, knit, eat, get the picture....
Starving now...because
my gourmet chefs from our wonderful weekend
would not come home with me....
the food was truly unbelievable...My favorite was a delicate
flaky pastry multi berry tart. Yummmm.
Our dessert finale was
Reeses Peanut butter cup pie, and there was also foie gras with our lunch...incredible.........anyway...
lots and lots of lovely photos to share..
so a few of them here...

The cottage I stayed in for the weekend was called Nettles.

Inside of Nettles, lots of lovely places
to sit and just relaxing.

The room in Nettles where the majority of us
gathered to knit as it had the loveliest light.

On knitting breaks, a few folks worked on this lovely
"KNITTING" (of course) puzzle...

And it was finally finished rather late,
the night before we had to check out in the am

Everyone wore their knitted best or were working on
amazing pieces or using amazing yarns...
and yes I had to pat many a yarn project.
So much inspiration everywhere...
Note the luscious beaded scarf in the making

view of my room and the beloved buffet....three times a day folks...
oh and great fruit/cookie snacks in our own quarters in between meals.

The whole location was surrounded by lovely ponds and
trails everywhere you could just meander around...
I even saw 2 deer rather close up, and took photos, but as it was getting dark,
it basically came out as though I had filmed the inside of a closet-
minus the deer.

Oh and yes I worked on several lovely things,
but as this blog has been my longest to date,
will be posting those to a future blog.
Almost forgot, in case everyone on the planet
missed it, just one more... hip, hip, hooray,
a final shout out to Peggy for all her planning
for this wonderful trip for all of us...
Thank You!

New Years Resolution #1
a new knitting adventure each month....
January was so satisfactory...will be hard to top this,
but can't wait for February's knitting adventure...
Can you spell yarn crawl?