Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Packages in mail from Europe & Rhinebeck

Got yet another package today from England, how exciting.
Love that Royal Mail sticker on my package. also finally
got listed on Knitting Blogs today. So happy. Joined the
Greater Boston Knitting Guild today too. Everyone was so
nice and friendly, and such awesome ideas. My head is still
spinning. Knitters are such a lovely, friendly bunch of people.
Have my bus seat all paid for to go to Rhinebeck,
the NY Sheep and Wool Festival October 20, can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for what is on my needles...................
I am now hard at work for a secret project to take to
Rhinebeck just as everyone else seems to be making projects just for
Rhinebeck. I may enter it in the Holiday KAL-CAL: contest too,
as it will fit that category well, if it comes out like I hope.
Stay tuned.

AND....I am hard at work on secret fall project #2,
see peek below. apple basket is done, handle needs
to be attached, and have a lot more apples finished,
but is only a small part of a bigger project.
stay tuned.

I also crocheted, and then felted small wallet, then needle
felted on design for a finishing touch.
Patttern is from Lion Brand, make it yours purse: