Friday, June 1, 2007

sockolicious yarn and meet my WIP "the Sweater From Hell"

For those of you that think all I knit is toys, food, and just plain misc. useless stuff, of course you're right. however it's time you meet my own work in progress:

Drum roll please, the sweater from hell. It's lace work, K3 tog, and cable worked on tiny needles and completely insane, but here's an update I better include what it ultimately should look like.

Also if it seems like I've made little progress... I did have to pull out about 20 rows...yeesh.

I do have another sweater, an easy one and some small items in the works...this crazy sweater will be an ongoing more long-term project.

also a photo of new sock, love the yarn, it's shiny with silver here goes

Put your best foot forward............

this yarn is truly sockolicious

1 comment:

Joan said...

Socks, sweather & lacey bit...all completely color coordinated! Love them.