Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to all !

Our furnace recently died.
so started knitting slippers,
and all manner of comfy warm things.
Furnace is all set now,
but the slippers were fun.
the pink and purple slippers are thanks to RAVELRY....
first spotted there
the fuzzy feet pattern actually from Knitty

Mine are made from scraps alone, leftovers of
Lopi, actually ran right out of the purple
completely at the end. so this is a great
scrap project. only had a partial skein
of each color, hence why I striped them.

same slipper not yet felted...amazing how huge it is

the next slipper I made was from Nicky Epstein's new book
Never Felt Better.

I made this one exactly as they called for
in the pattern using Patons Wool yarn,
which I actually also had in my stash already.
did not get the custom fit I was after,
but liked them overall, would improvise
pattern next time around on this one.

My cat actually tried them on,
but not only were they too large,
but he felt they just didn't match.
smart cat!

His favorite, as you can see are the fuzzy feet,
looks like he's letting you know
exactly what he thinks. the little add on
embellishment is felt cutout and buttons.

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