Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Little Knitty for my Kitty

Finally made a cat gift my cats really enjoy...
it's a knitted throne, have not finished
back part yet...base is worsted weight wool,
royal purple, sides are purple chenille...
top is a lovely, very soft fuzzy white yarn,
that they really enjoy, and used a cushion
which is much lovelier on the inside than
stuffing, so no lumps. cats really love it,
and seem to take turns..
Piper, a very large boy, doesn't quite fit,
but still seems to like it...

And Tic Toc my other cat, a smaller feline,
has just completely adopted the new cat throne...
still needs its back piece done, but the cats
don't really care, and seem to like it just as it is.
They think it's an improvement over cat hats...but I am
not so sure.


Melissa F. in CA said...

Oh I love the snow!!! Your cats are so cute, and in true cat fashion, rather particular so to get their seal of approval you know you have knit something truly special :) (I live in a sad cat-less world due to hubby's allergies.)

Kim said...

Love your little knitty for your kitty! Boy, my cats would just love to have something like that. Maybe I'll work up something like that for my little felines.

Anonymous said...

The snow looks wonderful! Just like when I look out my window. Happy holidays and a whole year of SNB at your fingertips!