Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's 2008!

Can You Believe It, it's 2008 and it's snowing
But then it's New England.

More knitting.............
Banana Republic Knock off hat pattern by metaphysical_muse from Craftster
can you believe 98 people on Ravelry have this posted from a single free pattern
Mine is made from Noro Silk Garden

As it is still snowing... back to my knitting...........
Oh and this year am making
Knitting New Year Resolutions....thank you
Brenda Dayne from the wonderful Knitting Podcast,
"Cast On" who has done this very thing in the past....
by the way,
For those who listen avidly, Episode #59 is up!
and for anyone that has never heard her podcast...
She has such an elegant speaking voice and
there are lots of things to learn about
knitting as you listen
Her podcast can be found on

Anyway, My resolutions
1. Try artistic knitting.
2. Fair Isle knitting.
3. tackle one of those Japanese language only patterns.
4. and finally...Work on Da Stash...
If you think No. 3 is impossible, I have grave concerns
myself about #4.
I have very exciting ideas for #1,
believe me it won't be wearable...
but exciting, stay tuned.
Happy 2008 Knitting to All!

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