Saturday, March 29, 2008

New yarn store review and a headless person, bet you can't guess who I will be...

Went to yet another... new to me...yarn store today.
I live in Massachusetts where we have more lovely
yarn stores than one could ever imagine, many of
which are fairly close to my home...unbelievably
lucky and blessed!
So goals for 2008, is to visit at least one new
store I trekked over to Milford, Mass.
to a lovely, but small shop called Knitting Pointers.
I think it may have been one of the smallest yarn stores,
However they did have the new Malabrigo lace weight yarn in
some really yummy colors...they also had quite a few
unusual brands of yarns, some of which ...were from both Australia
and the UK....I bought some absolutely lovely Bartlett yarn
100% wool, it was a yummy shade of raspberry, and as all yarn
does in most yarn stores, it called out to me like that puppy
in the shop,
please take me home, so of course I did.
I also scored some Galway, so lovely for felting in a color
that was sold out in other stores in the area...
I felt the prices were more than reasonable,
the lighting was excellent to see all the colors well,
the store hours were better than most, as
this shop unlike most Mass stores is actually open on Mondays.
and although the shop was tiny, the selection was very good,
and she had some very high end yarns such as Blue Heron.
One more important note at least for me, staff was
very friendly and helpful and new the product well.
I will definitely go back there again. This one is a keeper!

On another note...I am making a doll, and am at the sewing up stages...

and sometimes, if you're the doll, just sitting there, headless
you have to take things into your own hands and just finish
sewing yourself together, or at least it looks that way.
...headless man with needle and thread in hand....

on the other hand, great says the headless doll, so she made
me a shirt....Wheeee.

Oh great so now I have pants but where's my head?
Stay tuned....should be sewn up by tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Didn't know there was a shop in Milford, only a couple of towns over from me.
Love the headless "horseman", can't wait to see it complete with head.