Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gettin' My Daily Dose of FIber


Okay folks, IS this the largest sheep & wool festival in the US?
I think I really need to know this, as I seem to be gravitating
towards them these days, and I guess the ultimate
would be to attend the mother
of all sheep and wool festivals...

Well in any case, the t-shirt/souvenir line here was
1 1/2 hours long just in itself.
And getting yourself a Maryland t-shirt is
like getting a Ravelry pin...
it's a must have accessary for us knitter's/crocheters/spinner's alike.
Every where you looked someone was sporting one of these very shirts,
all colors all designs, since every year they design
a brand new logo.

Note t-shirts in the many color choices available
with the current year's design
waved merrily above us (as we waited)
across the telephone pole wires to view in advance
as you weren't going to be moving anytime quickly in that line.

the line.............

there were boyscouts with signboards hawking (like a baseball vendor),
get yer lambburgers....

too many sights to post in one blog entry...

a herd of sheep

and a herd of Ravelers...
Get your stitches on

~This is part I of a 2-part blog on Maryland Sheep & Wool...stay tuned.

On another note: never got around to posting my stash
acquired recently at WEBS during the Yarn Harlot's visit a few weeks ago.

Cascade Heather Yarn

2 skeins chunky Bollicine yarn, Victor from Cascade Yarns

Kangaroo Dyer Hand dyed Laceweight Yarn Alpaca and Silk
950 yards

Wildwood yummy sparkling yarn by Valley Yarns

Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace 874 yards of baby alpaca

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Kim said...

More eye candy for me. Just wish I had a festival like that around me right now. I know there might be one later in the year but I'm newer here and will have to keep an eye out for one.

I guess I'll have to live through your adventure there.