Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ohio Fiber Fest...another wool festival?

Yes, I am finally back from Ohio with hundreds of photos, loads of knitting and knitting related news...if I post daily....hmmm...I might catch up.
I am starting out with most recent photos/adventures.
Saturday I borrowed son's car and found my way to Wooster, Ohio
and went to the Great Lakes Fiber Show....much different
than Maryland, Rhinebeck, and NH...this was mostly Ohio and
surrounding states & lake area businesses
with a few far-reaching vendors. This was more about the sheep, buying and
selling, and a big focus on 4-H as well and local contests of wool and sheep themselves. Indie sellers/dyers were plentiful.
amazingly, there were only a couple of traditional food vendors...
no fried artichokes aka Rhinebeck,
no lamb burgers, lamb kabobs, lamb u-name-it aka Maryland.

There was a skein competition among the area locals

There was a 4-H animal contest for children and met two adorable girls with
their animals patiently waiting their turns. also a boy showing his animal.

A few of The Animals

Mama and just to be seen in back of her the baby.

There were outdoor stalls and indoor stalls

There were oldtime antique looms

Sites and Sounds around the Fiber Fest

a felted denim skirt

cute mini spinning wheel

But the largest part of the fiber fest, seemed devoted to buying and selling
of the animals. there were several barns of sheep all numbered and ready to be sold.

I personally would have been quite happy with any of them,
like #20 or #237 for instance

OH yes and my personal LOOT...

Briar Rose Fibers ~ ~
Hand Dyed Fibers

were there, and yes, I asked-- they are the same company
that sponsors none other than Cast On, Brenda Dayne's podcast.
I just looked and looked and could not choose, please see their website
for they capture the yarn colors much better. Oh and did I mention
it is really really soft...

Creatively Dyed EXTRAORDINARY Indie dyer
of unbelievable talent...
Please visit her blog, she is a really cool person, as well as an awesome
hand yarn painter.

Buffalo spinner & dyers were there, complete with a
motorized tabletop spinning wheel

I bought buffalo yarn, hand dyed and a ceramic buffalo button to accent
whatever I knit.

oh and bought a really comical t-shirt, nope that's not milk,
just a cute way to display their t-shirts:

clay button found in 50% off bin and cute ragwool sheep, and a little roving
for doll hair, a great color.

and finally, the reason I was in Ohio, my son's graduation from
Oberlin College...


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