Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Tribute To Brenda Dayne

Anyone familiar with knitting podcasts has probably heard of "Cast On"
a very popular podcast with fellow knitters. Well at the end of every
podcast, Brenda always closes off her podcast by saying, "And remember,
If you are cold...put on a sweater, that's what they are for."
She is always so supportive and encouraging to knitters to try and knit a sweater...and though I have tried and tried in the past to make a sweater...
I always got stuck somewhere...mostly at the seaming point,
or I ran out of yarn, or the sizing was wrong...but this time I persevered
and with a lot of help from my knitting guild friends I was able to seam,
do a button band, and collar, and amazingly the finished product
really fit me just right and I love thanks to all of my friends
who helped me particularly with the button band, and especially
to Brenda for your monthly words of wisdom and encouragement...
and if I can do it then I think anyone can successfully knit
themselves a sweater too! I live in New England, a sometimes very cold
place, where I will put on my new sweater, that I made because that's what
it's for...Thank you Brenda.

Also some improved photos (or at least not scrunched into my scanner!) of the blueberry picking time socks I just created for the 52 Pair Plunge II KAL
on Ravelry right now... and my very first toe-ups...hurrah!


littlelixie said...

I love the jacket - what is the yarn? Doh, I know. I'll go look on ravelry...

littlelixie said...

Love the jacket - what is the yarn? Doh, I know. I'll go and look on ravelry...