Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spring Time at last

April 1,'s finally Spring!
My bulbs are up outside, and the purple
flowers are blooming. So here is my new
knitted watering can just in time for Spring.
Now I guess I'd better knit up some flowers
to water................

My latest project is now socks, I have finally
made my first pair, and so addicting, made a
second pair, and have started a third, I can
see why everyone else is doing the sock is way too much fun.........

Pictures on next post...

This is Shy Guy. I think he is a character from Mario, a Nintendo game. My son gave me a photo and said to try and recreate it...fairly good likeness. He is a pretty photogenic little stuffed knit guy.

This is Tic-Toc, a usually not so
photogenic kitty

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