Friday, February 15, 2008

Honey I shrunk the kid's....... slippers

Oops, making fuzzy feet for yet another son.
as usual huge when finished knitting, would
fit a small off to washer
for felting....

Sadly, they now would fit a SMALL child...
needed to be about size 10 men's.
Instead now a child's size to fit probably an 8 year old,
or a small stuffed dog, or even your house cat...

Last photo shows cute little slippers next to
my own slippers size 7 women.

No before photos taken, as never really
had a felting issue...this is the perfect
example, of not doing washer quick checks
as you felt...always have, but was online
with Ravelry, and just lost total track of
what I was doing. but they came out so nice
and do have a good home all planned for them.

~As for my son, well guess one of these days
I'll attempt another pair...but for now I have
Socks Fever...............

1 comment:

Joan said...

Oh no!! Some wools you have practically stand next to the washer with your hand in it ready to pull it out. Paton's SWS felts in like 20 secs. I am so sorry for your DH and his cold feet. ;-p