Friday, February 8, 2008

The Last Knit & final February items

A knitting friend of mine, posted this to her blog last year...
so it's been around for a bit, but if you haven't seen it...
you have to check this one out...
Just copy the above address into your browser window and hit go.
It's called THE LAST KNIT.

Finished up my February Valentine knitting with two last items:
first is my red felted flower vase...
need to get some flowers to put in it still,
it's decorated all around the side with
little nonfelted knitted white hearts.

Final item is a knitted heart with bobbles
(it's two-sided sewn together) with lavendar
inserted for a sachet...but I decided I would like
to hang mine in a window, so I attached a beaded hanger,
and put a crystal at the very bottom to catch the light.

Very excited, got some lovely green wool today.
and yes... the holiday crafting fever continues.
St. Patrick's Day...hmmmmmm

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