Monday, November 24, 2008

Bunny Has a Tummy Ache

Okay here we go again, home tonight at 10pm...I did prewrite today's
blog, and have a lovely hat to post, but no photos yet...tried my old
approach to squishing hat into scanner and doing photos that way.
"Don't laugh, I have been known to put baked items, i.e. cookies
squashed into scanner to photo in same way"....less crumbs with hats

Anyway, THE OTHER hat has lovely colors, but scanner shows
it as very drab and depressing colourway.
Thus, Monday's hat will have to be Tuesday's hat and will take proper
camera lens photos tomorrow as rather late at 10pm for good outdoor
camera lighting.

Therefore, I will pull up a hat I made a while ago, but not yet included in
my 30 days of hats...this is another one of my personal favorites.

The Banana Republic Hat Knockoff by metaphysical_muse on Ravelry.
This was first posted on Craftster, another website I also post to often.
Smaller pic is showing closeup of da button.

This is a free pattern and can be found here:
This is what the original from Banana Republic looked like, so the pattern
creator rather than shelling out all the money for this hat, just recreated
it based on what she saw.

By the way, there are only 25 pages of photos of finished hats from this
pattern as of today on Ravelry.
Also this pattern calls for a bulky weight yarn, and I used Noro Silk Garden NOT
doubled, and not bulky, so cast on far more stitches and basically had to play
with pattern for awhile, but happy with results, love the colors, and it fits
great...This is also in my personal collection still. Nice hat for spring/fall.

Today's blog that I chose after having a lovely time new blog surfing to me just eye candy...
will definitely be coming back to visit here again...please note that some
of her rabbits are knitted, otherwise
I would call this an all types craft blog.
But so nice!

Rachel Rabbit can be found blogging here:

How cute is this rabbit from Rachel's site, she also has an Etsy store...
strange but still have not been able to figure a way to link over to any
other site yet from my own blog.
I am holding out for a copy of the book, Blogging For Dummy's, just as soon
as someone writes it! Can you preorder on Amazon a book you wish someone
would publish?

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