Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You Are Not Moosestaken

Today's hat is colorful, was fun to knit, is very, very warm and is made
out of yarn spun from....
wait for it....of course....Buffalo, you thought I was going to say
moose...personally thinking that this shade of buffalo equally exotic
to idea of knitting moose.
It truly is as warm as you would think, and not rough at all but quite soft.
I am envisioning the buffalo as bathed in a lovely bath salts and
creamy lotion applied liberally after his bath...unsure about all this,
but very soft yarn just the same.

The original yarn for this hat was purchased at the Ohio fiber fest, and have
currently misplaced buffalo clay button in pic to go on hat...so when it's found
I will finish hat with button.

Important to note that yarn unknit is most true to actual color...Today
was hat photo day and it rained...even playing with the lighting, I could
not make the indoors replicate the true colors...so what you see on unknit
yarn is exactly the correct color...it came out rather striped...this is a
new hat and due to cost and my secure belief that buffalo will be very very
warm, I do plan to keep this for myself.

Pattern is yet another freebie, the Button Band Hat by amazingly Kathleen
Taylor...I guess I do like her patterns, I had no idea, but liked the button
part, which I plan to add at a later date. Pattern can be found here:

In the news, if you haven't heard of this already, the Lion Brand Flagship
Premier Store opened this week in NYC...take a peek.


By the way, our neighbors across the street from us had a delivery truck the
other day...curious I watched a new washer being unloaded from the truck...I
immediately noted it was the kind that had the opening on the side of the washer
and my mind quickly thought...."front end loader, going to be much harder to felt
with that kind of washer, should have stuck with a toploader."
~and she doesn't even knit...now that I am a knitter 24 hrs./day/52 weeks/yr.
has my mind switched over to formatting all my thoughts based on how it will
directly affect me as a knitter....next I will probably rationalize that the
recent drop in gas prices is now more than enough reason to make that short
1 hour plus trek to WEBS...shucks...but gas is so cheap now....
hadn't really dreamed up the gas argument one but now that I read what I've
written on the blog, it's a pretty rock solid argument to me...just fascinated
that my brain was in "knitter mode" about the washer...even if the owner doesn't
knit at all. hmmm.

Blog of the day is Bowerbirdknits and can be found here:
A very bright and colourful and well done blog. She has some amazing
patterns also, including HATS too!

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