Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Green Shrub or Perhaps It's a Hat

Well now that you've viewed today's may well it a
shrub, or simply say to yourself just what is that green bushy thing?
also of note...this is an early photo of a knitting project...back
when I had no imagination whatsoever and actually posed this knitted piece
on top of a lampshade...hmmm now that was interesting!

This is actually my very first chemo long ago...unsure of pattern
but was a very common one at time...It was a knitting guild request...I belong
to several guilds and there is always a charity request from each guild or
perhaps a few throughout the year. The yarn was of all things fun fur...
I can say now it's interesting...If you knit, you could not tell, if you purled
you could not tell, if you make a mistake you could not get the
picture...but if you dropped a stitch, yes you were completely doomed...

I do remember this went to one of the hospitals in Boston and was slated for
a child, as they preferred the wild colors and fun fur most mimicked actual
hair. or at least that's the way I remembered it being explained at the time.

While we are on Guild Charity requests....and impossible to knit items...
I will share a non hat item...this item actually got shipped to my Crochet
Guild this week....they provided the yarn....and I knit the Baby Yeti jacket
with was knit all in separate pieces...and of course needed to be
seamed together...
Using a high definition microscope and a bottle of Advil later....
actually not...but was almost as much a blast to sew up as was the green bush next charity piece will most likely be out of Cascade 220 yarn for sure...a harmless little skein and oh so easy to knit with.

I live in New England, the north east most corner of the United States...
the states here are relatively small and tucked close together,
so I can easily get to say Boston, MA or Providence, RI in an hour
or less (traffic depending) from my home....fortunate for me,
many of these bigger cities often host famous knitting personalities...
so there seems to be a steady flow of them to meet (Franklin Habit),
hear speak (Yarn Harlot) and take classes from (Kristen Nicholas).
I am unbelievably fortunate to live in such a part of the country
that enriches our current fiber know how and entertains us in a such a
lovely yarnalicious way!

So today's blog I picked out is... my next teacher of a class that I am signed
up for tomorrow morning. I am taking a combination knitting class with
none other than Annie Modesitt. Her blog is the Knitting Heretic at

I will be sure and bring my camera and share annedotal yarny stories
and if Saturday were not enough...I am also taking a lace class with
her on Sunday.
By the way, these classes are sponsored by Slater Mill, one of my guilds....
Will elaborate more about guilds in next week's blogs as I am attending two
other of my guild meetings next week and plan to elaborate on the goings on
of what happens at a guild.

Okay go ahead and add #11 to list of why I knit and post about hats...
they can be entertaining and are known to crack me or others up...


~RaenWa~ said...

The Baby Yetti is so cute. I hope you have a great time in your classes I can't wait to hear about them

Melissa said...

I never have mastered the art of working with Fun Fur. Either in knitting or in crochet.

Have fun at your class!