Friday, November 7, 2008

The Night of the Living Tiny Hats

Today was will be a brief posting...drove from Massachusetts
down to Slater Mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island this morning (see photo)
for Annie's combination knitting class...thinking it would be a
two-handed two color type of technique....well
it was nothing at all what I expected...
It basically is a whole new way to both knit and purl...and it takes some
getting used to...but I love it...creates a much denser knitting.
she also taught us to long tail cast on, without prefiguring out how long
to make tail and how never to run out of yarn when doing so...
how to increase a stitch without creating a raised you would
normally do example...
by knitting front and back of same stitch...
and how to do cables without a cable needle....
If you ever see a class with Annie Modesitt as the teacher,
run don't walk and sign right up....she is funny, warm, and you learn far
more than you ever sign up for...
Tomorrow am is lace with Annie and hear we have a full class! cannot wait.
no photos today, as too much on my agenda for today...will hopefully tomorrow....
the antique looms in the mill itself are worth a photo at the very least...

After leaving Rhode Island, I then drove into Boston, MA...another almost
one hour trip with a friend to go to the annual Christmas Craft Festival...
Bought lots of family xmas to start early and get them done.
Here are some photos from this year's gingerbread competition from today:

Today's hat is a cute little baby hat, one of my personal favorites...
I know it was made out of sport weight soft white wool/acrylic blend and had
small crocheted flowers added on with white pearl beading on flowers.
It was a basic beanie pattern...most likely the Sweet and Simple
Baby Hat pattern. This hat ended up going to one of the charities.

blog of day: I chose the Mason Dixon Knitting Blog
unusual knitting and switching up the crafts appeals to me...this twosome is
always pushing the boundary and giving me new inspiration....
If you visit their blog and scroll down to the:
"The Night Of the Living Tiny Hats"
I am especially loving the smallness and detail of so many little tiny
hats...inspiring...for a hat lover such as myself!

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