Thursday, November 6, 2008

Does Your Paperboy Look Like This?

Yes the hat of the day...may just possibly be a flashback to an
earlier blog, but as there are a lot
of new blog viewers...thought I'd bring this oh so special
photo back...I have 3 cats.
(The called Tic Toc her name is to do with a tail kind of thing.

The next cat is Piper an orange cat.

Final cat is Crespo, also orange and brother of Piper...
named after soccer player by my middle son.

I know this pattern is from an Alan Dart doll pattern...
and was supposed to be knit on smaller weight yarn with
tiny needles probably 2's, but instead knit it
in worsted weight with 8's probably...which is a fun option
for hat patterns.
You can go up and down in size by just changing up the gauge...
the yarn for this project amazingly was scrap yarn from JCA from
last year's sale... Is there a pattern going on here....hmmm...JCA again
loved the neutral color and have used it in lots of
small craft items such as these tiny hats.

You may ask am I knitting anything else but hats these days.....
and the answer is yes I sneak in an occasional thing or two
absolutely love fall things (actually all things seasonal) made up a basket of small pumpkins....

of course the idea was from Ravelry first, but oh so cute
and fun to do. They are supposed to all be felted pumpkins...but
one turned out to not be feltable wool, but think it's just as cute

Pattern is the Miniature Felted Pumpkin by Tracy Batchelder
Pattern can be found here:

In keeping with the tongue in cheek humor today's highly recommended
blog is none other than


and can be found at:
Yes she does knit...but she writes a lot about not knitting...please run
don't walk to her blog if you have never seen it...bring you
will be rolling on the floor laughing and crying your eyes out....
She is absolutely hysterical!

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~RaenWa~ said...

I can't believe you got your cats to sit still long enough with those on their heads to take a picture. I love Crazy Aunt Purl she is hilarious