Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 4 in which you find me knitting up some of my stash

It's Day #4 and am still happily blogging away...
Hat #4 is actually my very first ever knitted gift for an extended family
member...(i.e. not one of my sons). I can happily post pics and
write about it and it will still be a most of my
family a. does not acknowledge my knitting as anything useful, simply
something to keep me busy. b. do not blog or know what a blog even is
and c. would never even guess there was such a thing as a knitting blog
or just why someone would want to do something like that....

so other than my son, Tim in Ohio (who does read my blog so would not post any projects for him here....and if you are reading there is nothing in the works right now)
send photos or suggestions if you want anything (Tim only...otherwise will
get mile long wish list from Rae and other friends). lol.... anyway... this is my first attempt at giving a knitting gift at Christmas time.
My father in law is an avid snowmobiler...and I saw the perfect hat on
Ravelry.....The Helmet Liner
this pattern is by Bonnie Long and was recently also published in the
September 2008 issue of Family Circle magazine....
This same pattern is an official pattern acceptable for the troops overseas.
If interested, be sure and check the yarn requirements first.

It was an easy knit and should be very warm for under a snowmobile helmet.
He often goes to northern Vermont and NH and I believe Canada this
should be a welcome gift for those cold rides ahead.

I actually used some all wool yarn (washable, as he does his own wash) and we
don't need him felting or shrinking it....the color was navy and I purchased 3 skeins of Reynold's Dover Washable Wool at the JCA annual warehouse sale in Townsend, Massachusetts. Dover is an aran weight yarn with 87 yards in each skein and is now a discontinued yarn.
I actually purchased this bag with 3 skeins in it for an
unbelievable $4. a bag for the three skeins.
The hat actually only needed 2 skeins... I put a contrast
burgundy yarn (from stash) around the border to break up all
the navy and add a small splash of "mannish" color. I know it was
most likely Encore, so should make it completely washable.

Pattern can be found at following 2 websites: (Ravelry)
This hat has been made 214 times so far (at least posted on Ravelry as such) as of today's date...amazing! It was an easy hat to knit and a well-written pattern.

Regarding JCA/Reynold's...for those living in New England and many of you know
of this already....JCA opens its Warehouse each fall (September) for one time only a year to the public for 2 days Friday and Saturday and also by special invite only on Thursday to a select few....

This annual event (which has been compared to on Ravelry as "akin to the Filene's Basement Wedding Gown maddness" and this comment;
"When I went last year at door-opening time, it was a madhouse! Lines to pay were so long."

There is a huge selection of Brands you know:
Reynolds, Jo Sharp, Artful Yarns, Final Closeout of Adrienne Vittandini
Hand Knitting Yarns, Needlework Kits and Yarns
Finished goods:
hand stitched needlework, hand knit sweaters, Xmas stockings, pillows
as well as...
Miscellaneous: Frames, Mat Boards, Material, Lace, Cording, Beads,
Miniatures & More…………..
Prices are 50%-80% off retail. There are some silk, cashmere,
and merino yarns, too.

Major bargains can be had. You do have to dog paddle hard your way thru the constant swarm of yarn shoppers, but I always find the hunt worth my time and effort. Most people go for the large prepacked bags of 10 skeins of yarn,
which cannot be broken up...but then that's what knitting buddies are for....
Here are some pics of some of the lovelies and best bargains I came away with...there was actually more (purchased) but it gives you
an idea of the kinds of bargains to be had.

As you can see. the cartoon yarn was $10. bag of 10 skeins each in a bag.
and the Dover yarn was also marked $4. for the 3 skeins, and the two bags
full of Saucy yarn great for gift bibs, washcloths, and such were
$4. and $2. a bag ~

I also scored some lovely Lopi singles in the bargain
section for a really good
deal....this was my second year, and for me it's a not to
miss event. and with photos and comments you get the picture....
only wish I had bought some of the bags of Jo Sharp Silkroad Ultra
at $40. bag of ten skeins....sigh....but then I was on a Rhinebeck
budget at the time....

Oops nearly forgot the blog of the day....

I'm Knitting as Fast as I Can by Susan Pierce Lawrence. Susan used to live in the Boston area but now lives in Utah.
I think I probably first discovered her thru her free hat pattern I admired on
Ravelry the Amber hat

This has been knit by 26 people on Ravelry already and is in my queue to knit one
of these days...
I was also impressed with her Nantucket Basket knitting pattern as well as to
follow what she is currently working on. She is probably most known for her patterns such as the "Branching Out Scarf Pattern" and the "Lombard Street Socks" and "Forest Canopy Shawl" which have knit a longs of their own. As well as their own private groups...aka Forest Canopy Shawl KAL group on Ravelry with over 100 members strong. I especially love to follow great knitting designer blogs just to see what they are knitting now and what may be in the works for the future.


~RaenWa~ said...

Hey Tim in case your reading this yea make sure you keep your mom busy she is right about a list from her friends but I am warning you if that skull hat she made is for you I am coming to Ohio to retrieve it LOL..

Anonymous said...

You didn't happen to pick up some Reynolds Dover Green #12 did you? Mother-in-law is trying to finish our baby's Christmas stocking and ran out of Green #12 (dye lot 334) and would reward you if you had some!

bcmoseley (at) y ahoo dot com

sheepish1 said...

sadly no green, only navy, as I would gladly pass it on, always willing to stash bust, as I don't do so well on my own.