Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Pitable Attempt at Intarsia

Day 3 of hats finds the "Baby Car Hat" from the book,
Creature Comforts: Cozy Knits for Wee Ones by Amy Bahrt.

This was one of my ealier hats where I attempted to do
intarsia, but by stranding such as in fair isle...
I had no idea about floats (tiny individual wrapped
sections of colored yarn) and as I wildly carried
my colors across each other...I pulled along to
keep it nice and straight on the row....so of course
when finished...I had a fairly squashed up car...
kind of like they had crashed into each other
driving around the hat...with an unusually large amount
of agressive blocking...it looked moderately passable.
Since this time, I have signed up for classes in intarsia
and color work when I found them available and
was amazed that a. it was nothing like the way I had
attempted it and b. it really wasn't so difficult when
someone showed you how to do it the right way.

Look closely and you can still see some fairly pulled stitches...aka car wreck/squished car syndrome. I believe this hat went to charity.
I do however love the tires...you cannot go wrong with cute little black buttons!

*Today's blog review would have to be the Panopticon by Franklin Habbit


known primarily for his wildly popular Delores the sheep satire.
Of course, Delores is in the thick of politics...even though a sheep (see cartoon).
Why I chose his blog, a. I love sheep, b. love humerous blogs, c. he (Franklin) and Delores
are concentrating heavily on election right now
(and of course today is big day!)

DID YOU VOTE???????????????????????

oh and finally d. Some of my knitting friends
who happen to read my blog have not heard
of Franklin.

I recently got to meet Franklin in person....my knitting guild
in Boston sponsored him and he came to speak about his new project
1000 knitters project http://the-panopticon.blogspot.com/2008/01/1000-knitters-at-purl-diva.html

He did an incredible slide show presenting how he went about
selecting knitters and the various interviews he had. He had many,
many famous and infamous knitters
such as Meg Swanson and the Yarn Harlot to name just two of the 1000.
It was such a fun night (Thank You Guido and the Common Cod Fiber Knitting
Guild) and Franklin himself is both very humble and personable behind
the podium (and away from his blog)...what a treat to meet him!

Photos are of Franklin taking his token camera shot (aka the
Yarn Harlot does this
at each of her public group speaking engagements).
Franklin with Jess of Ravelry.
Franklin showing slides of famous knitters from his 1000 knitter project
Franklin with the actual knitted scarf mostly rolled back up at this point.
It was GNORMOUS and fascinating. Knitters were able to put their
own stamp on their portion of the knitted piece. ....and they did!

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~RaenWa~ said...

That is a cute hat I am sure who ever got it loves it. One day I want to try Intaria but I have a hard enough time keeping track of one thing of yarn lol