Monday, November 3, 2008

What's all the "hype about hats?"

Day 2 of blogging and finally the answer to the pressing question,
yes what is all the hype about hats? and just why do I choose to
knit/share/review hats on my blog...Here is my personal top 10 list
in no particular order:

1. Hats only take one skein of yarn...generally...that makes them
faster, and unlike with sweaters, I do not have to go out and
buy yet another skein because I am short on yarn (yet once again).
2. Hats are the only item I actually ever sold in my Etsy Store
(*however worth noting, hats are the only category of knitting
I've actually posted there).
3. Hats are the one request people ask me to knit for them.
4. Hats are the single knitting category I've definitely made
the most of, so I can speak of them in greater detail....
(i.e. I know them well).
5. Hats are my go to charity donations.
6. Hats challenge me as I was formerly challenged with socks,
i.e. cables, bobbles, lace, fair isle...hats have it all....
7. Should be no. 1 probably....I actually look good in hats...
many people think they don't but I am a hat wearer, so can
personalize however I want.
8. Hats generally economical to make as they do only take one
skein of yarn.
9. Hats, especially made of wool (lined with more wool) are
very very warm and I live in VERY VERY COLD NEW ENGLAND!
10. and the top ten reason for choosing hats for my month

Speaking of which...the hat of the day was a special request
from my son in Ohio...he sent me a photo of this pattern
for hat of course, but would like one in same style and same colors....
so matched it up best as I could from photo with yarns...and came up
with a pattern...however when needed to measure hat, realized the head (his)
was located in Ohio, so luckily his dad has similar sized head and this
worked out fine....overall, son is happy with special request hat and
as far as I know hat is still happy and well and residing with my son
in Ohio, another really cold place in the winter time.

Also thought I'd start a Blog of the Day post...will peek at different
blogs and pass on a site to check out if you are inclined.
Today's featured blog is a funny new knitter friend of mine...even though
she has not knit for very long...she keeps challenging herself with socks and
all kinds of projects I never attempted in the beginning and is doing an
awesome job. Rae lives on the opposite side of the country from me in Washington
which fascinates me, as it is a place I've never been to, but sounds so lovely.
....she is a member of NaBloPoMo, which is 30 blog posts in 30 days...
so cheer her on in her quest! Hooray Rae. She can be found at:

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~RaenWa~ said...

Awww Sheepish your so sweet thank you for the blog shot out. I am glad your son likes his hat. I have to say one of the things I don't miss about Mass is the cold Winters I can't wait to see more of your hats