Monday, November 17, 2008

No Calories in This Calorimetry

Okay it's 9:45pm...and home late from work with loads to do
before I go to bed and get up and start my day all over again.
And remember I am a nurse, so I need to get my unwind time
in order to face Tuesday. Add to that hat I am working on, had
error, pulled out most of it...looking really fine now...but not should make it for Tues. this is a recap
and the posting I typed out last night for tonight...will be
airing when that hat is done!

Today's hat is the Calorimetry. And I will admit to date, this is
my very favorite hat I've made for at least myself. It never messes
up your hair. It's warm as can be particularly nice for those very
late season soccer games when the weather has turned to its coldest
and you are freezing to death on the sidelines, wishing your highschool
son's game was just televised on NBC or something.
It's made of Noro skein, so many lovely color changes and
too much fun to knit!

I have had nonknitting friends request me to knit them one, as soon as
they saw Emiko if you are blog peeking's on its way this
winter for sure.

and Jana if you are blog peeking, I promise to bring mine to next guild mtg.

Since I have lots of blog peeking friends, it's quicker to get messages
out this way.
by the way, this is a Knitty pattern from the winter 2006 issue and can be
Pattern is written by: Kathryn Schoendorf an art student from San Francisco

who also explains a calorimety as the following:
"Calorimetry is a scientific term describing the measurement
of heat lost or gained".

by the way there are a mindboggling 5,951 calorimetries posted to Ravely as of today's date. Noro Kereyon yarn was selected 292 times, and they are posted to
490 pages of finished pictures....YIKES!

Okay this is the part where I am guilty of Blog Peeking and this is the blog
I'd like to share.

Today's blog is Maglia! Confessions of a Knitholic "my kind of person!"
and can be found at:

Well end of posting for today off to peek at blogs and catch up on Plurk!
Do you Plurk? perhaps I had best do a blog post about Plurk soon!

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