Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gryffindor is My House

Today's hat is the Harry Potter House hat for the Gryffindor House.
Which if I could choose my wizarding house, would be my first choice.

Yarn used was Plymouth Encore worsted weight...less than one skein each in
Burnt Sienna and Butternut colorways.

I found the free pattern online here:

but I believe it's the very same pattern in the book Charmed Knits by
Alison Hansel
This hat did go to charity.

Today's blog peek and review is about woollywormhead aka Ruth
and can be found here:

I was poking around in the blogosphere and found several interesting ones,
and in particular came across this link.
I have many of Woolly (name she prefers to be known by)
patterns for HATS queued up on Ravelry so knew she was an innovative
and prolific designer already...
but I had absolutely no idea that she had no one home base
but instead spent her life
around in a self-built house bus. I cannot even imagine yarn storage in this case.
She writes in her bio that she is a sheep whisperer. also cool, very cool.
This indeed is a blog to check out in more detail!

~and for those of you emailing me to write up pattern for Harry, as I am
all hat obsessed, it will not be happening in 2008, as I virtually will
have to reknit him from scratch.

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Barbara said...

Thank you for letting us know about Wooly What a life experience and lovely patterns.