Sunday, November 30, 2008

One More Day To Go

Coming to the end now of 30 days of Hats...and almost done NABloPoMo....
others are done today...but I started one day I plan to post
my last day on December 1st and hope to go out with a bang...Fun hat
planned for tomorrow.
Today's hat is what to do with that leftover sock yarn hat...

Yup this is my go to baby hat done in self-striping leftover sock yarn with
a contrasting pompom added also made from same yarn.

Hat 2 (yes am posting two today)
still not finished is a more complex fair isle project only two colors.
I especially like the braid first. It's a twined herringbone edge.
This hat is the Turkish-Patterned Cap from Hats On! by Charlene Schurch.
I am eventually planning on posting finished pic, but as it won't be done today
or tomorrow and I have another hat set for tomorrow, will post it as a partial
hat as of today.

Blog of the day is: Fig and Plum
It's a little knitting, a little travel, and some yummy, yummy food...Love this
This blog is by Jessica from Brooklyn, NYC and can be found here:


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Barb Outside Boston said...

Hi Mel!
I just caught up after Thanksgiving--love the husband hat!
See you next week.