Monday, December 1, 2008

An Eggceptional Usage of Hats

Day 30 is here and plan on going out in a big way...ummm...actually a
miniature "I guess" way, but eggceptional none the less.
and before you tee hee and giggle, I just want you to know it's really
cold in my refrigerator and yes I do feel everyone should have a nice
warm hand knitted hat.

As you can guess by all these photos, there were no takers for any of my
knitted hats amongst my relatives at Thanksgiving get together. All my
wonderful arguments in favor of hats went on deaf (and now soon to be cold)
family member ears. Sigh!

On that note, and since I've now run out of heads to dress. I've resorted to
making hats for my pets and household food products.

Okay so I thought about this yesterday, that on Monday it would be my last
official hat and 30 days of posting, and of course I am itching to knit anything
now but hats. Everything else looks good to me, even socks these days.
Did i honestly type that part about the socks...hmmmm.
Anyway, it's gotten really, really cold here in New England, and I have
decided to knit warm and comfy things, like hats...but yes my personal
collection of hats is now bursting at the have turned to gloves
and mittens...and of course, they have to be fair isle...yup still obsessed....does that wear off?

Anyway, today Monday the final day, it's actually warm outside...go figure...
so I planted my bulbs, I had given up on this idea as thought ground was
already frozen or so I thought.

And then in a short break, I started yet a new project....those that are new to
my blog would not know that I have a certain weakness for knitting the strange
and obscure....I have no idea what the wierdest thing I've ever knitted before
has been.
It usually begins with a thought and then I wonder if I could make that. and so I do.
From actual working wall clock, random Nintendo game figures, to knitted
garden tools, to 3-D parrots life-size on hanging ring, to water (yup knitted water) to rare breed spotted salamanders, etc....and many more, these patterns and
ideas (some no patterns) just call to me. So of course some of these
new creations snuck onto my needles today and all I can say is let the wacky knitting begin....stay tuned for a new weekly blog. Current project is a
little extreme, but perfect for December!

Also planned for December, is gloves and mittens...not such a stockpile of
those and sadly I believe the cold will be back soon...and if I run out of
takers for fair isle mittens, there are always the pets....perhaps the 3 little
kittens will find their mittens!

Oops Blog of the
Day nearly forgot: I searched Cat and Knitting and Blog for fun to follow up
my cat theme and came up with this....
Cat's Blog

I can't believe she is spinning Qiviut and there are photos of it her things.
That Morning Surf scarf is gorgeous and also love, love that Mystic Light shawl, amongst other projects.
Nice eye candy here!


Barb Outside Boston said...
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Barb Outside Boston said...

Let me try again (sigh-can't write)

I didn't know you had knitted a Shy Guy--love it!
You ALMOST get me inspired enough to take pics of my own projects!