Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Short But Sweet

Today's hat is the Lydia Hat from Hip Knit Hats by Cathy Carron.
This is a felted brim hat. I used two skeins of yarn held together thruout...
Baby Alpaca Grande and Reynold's Lopi wool, two different shades of teal green. They felt so nicely...I then added a flower
that I made from scraps of wool with a beaded center on flower.
I placed flower on top of a lace doily.

My blogging will seem a bit skimpy this week, but as many of my friends follow
my blogs, they undoubtedly will know I am on a full plate schedule this week. I am back blogging finally after 10pm after a late night at my second
guild meeting of the week...I actually have 3 guild meetings this week, 2 knitting
group meetings and one recipe club meeting...most of these meet only once a month
and this is the week they all I work days.

I hope to talk more in depth about guilds hopefully by Monday, as I have a lot
of interesting things to share.

Have several interesting blogs to share...but as I just came from one of my
knitting guilds, I think I will share a blog I like to follow of a fellow
guildmate...who knits really cool stuff....and in particular funky kid's hats.
Her name is Kate and she is minisoup on Ravelry.
You can find her blog at

Feeling guilty blog is so short tonight and very very sharing cookie
pics...such a sweet ending!

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